Deadline extended until 19th June

ANI, the Portuguese Innovation Agency, in partnership with the Enterprise Europe Network, will be hosting an international partnering event in the framework of the XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference to give companies, universities, researchers and R&D organizations the opportunity to:
  • exchange knowledge,
  • identify potential partners,
  • recruit and explore career options
  • explore new areas to grow their businesses,
  • secure opportunities to commercialize new products.
This exciting B2B matchmaking event will allow participants to meet during 20-minute bilateral meetings. These meetings are scheduled according to each participant’s availability and interests and intend to help them finding international business and new technology partners.
The B2B matchmaking is targeted at all companies (SMEs and large), consultants, institutions and PhD’s.
Upon registration, participants have to insert their company or professional profile, as well as their business/technology needs and interests.
For partnering companies: 
This event will put you in contact with potential business and innovation partners, as well as highly qualified professionals, so it is important to present well what your company offers and what is looking for in terms of business, technology or collaboration.
The ISPIM PhD community offers a showcase of some of the brightest and fresh graduates from a broad range of the Innovation Management fields. Should you be interested in any of the offers/ requests/ project ideas or PhD prospects, don’t hesitate to indicate your interest by requesting a meeting during the B2B Matchmaking.
For PhD students and prospective candidates:
The ISPIM Partnering event offers a unique opportunity for junior researchers, PostDocs and PhD students to meet recruiting companies and universities. Pre-selected participants would engage in pre-interview conversations with participating companies. The first step is to register to participate in the B2B matchmaking and then create a profile of your interests and what you can offer.
The focus of the event will be the following thematic areas and industry clusters:
Thematic areas
  • Innovating in traditional sectors
  • Funding and financing the innovation cycle
  • Innovation policies and instruments
  • Business Models
  • Creativity in Innovation
  • Design and Design Thinking for Innovation
  • Early-stage Innovation
  • Innovation for Economic, Societal & Environmental Sustainability
  • Innovation Training, Teaching & Coaching
  • Living Labs
  • Methods & Measurement of Innovation
  • Open Innovation & Collaboration for Innovation
  • Service Innovation
  • Strategic Foresight, Strategic Agility & Future Orientation
  • Transferring Knowledge for Innovation
Industry clusters
  • Food
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Green Mobility
  • Registration - until 19th of June 2016

Register and submit a cooperation profile with a description of your offer, request, project idea and/or PhD prospect.

Profiles are published online. 

  • Request Meetings - 1st of June to 19th of June 2016                                     

Participants can select interesting cooperation profiles from the catalogue and request meetings, or if invited, you can accept/reject the meetings.

  • Brokerage Event – 21st of June 2016   

Meetings will take place at your chosen times at the Discovery Room.


The XXVII ISPIM International Conferece will bring together around 500 participants from academy and industry (innovation researchers, industry executives, thought leaders and policy makers) to discuss the latest innovation management models, tools, best practices and thinking.
To register for the ISPIM Innovation Conference, please click here

Bilateral Talks

  • Participants115
  • Meetings Requested318
  • Meetings Accepted163


Profile views

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  • Registration
    Open until 19. June
    Meetings selection: 01. June - 19. June
    Partnering event:
    21. June


  • Language: English
    Cost: Free of charge


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