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DescriptionSONAE is a retail company, acting in the areas of food, fashion, sports goods and consumer electronics retail, with two major partnerships in the business of shopping centres (Sonae Sierra), and Information Systems and Software, Media and Telecommunications (Sonaecom). Present in over 60 countries and with about 40 thousand employees, SONAE is recognized as an organisation that works based on trust and a contributor to a more prosperous, more fair, more ethical and more sustainable society. The Group is based on strong values, and a method and very distinctive culture. To create economic and social value in the long run, taking the benefits of progress and innovation to an ever increasing number of people is the mission statement that SONAE pledges before our stakeholders.
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High tech textiles

We welcome innovative solutions / research projects related to high tech textiles.

Keywords: textileswearableshigh tech textiles
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Food innovation solutions

We welcome innovative solutions / research projects related to food innovation throughout the value chain (from farm to fork).

Keywords: foodfoodtechcircular economywaste reduction
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PhD Prospects

PhD prospects welcomed

We are open to receive PhD prospects and understand their research interests.

Keywords: food innovationhigh tech textilesfuture techcircular economy
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