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Select Advisor was founded in 2011 and is specialized in management and tourism consulting. Our mission is to bring value, supporting companies since their intention of investment and finding the right partners to the support in accessing national and international funds.

We are also known for our expertise in each of the areas of intervention, across public and private sectors, believing that a specif and appropriate response can only be achieved with a specialized team. Our team is committed to our clients’ sucess, helping companies seize essential advantages by working alongside them to capture the best opportunities to meet their needs. We want to be the best partner for their business.

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Portugal 2020 Advisory and Proposal Preparation

We have a extensive experience in this funding scheme.

Keywords: Portugal 2020Funding
Cooperation Offered
  1. Other
  2. Investment/Financing
  3. Technical co-operation

Douro Region

Innovative project in Douro Region to awaken, develop and enhance the senses of smell and taste.

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Cooperation Requested
  1. Investment/Financing