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About us

- R&D&I SME company, founded in 2006; certified by Portuguese Standard NP4457:2007 for R&D and Innovation. - Main areas of activity: oEnvironmental Engineering oFood Engineering oChemical Engineering - Multidisciplinary team of 7 (4 PhDs and 3 MScs), with backgrounds in Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Microbiology and Food Engineering, with industrial and international experience. - Partnerships with national and international universities and research centers. - R&D&I projects focussed on innovative solutions with market potential. - Working/worked for EFACEC, Águas de Portugal, Suldouro, Valorsul, ANA, Grupo RAR, Pascoal, Nortesea, Castelbel, SONAE (PT); Bitossi, Nestlé and Sogevinus (Internationally). 

- Development of sustainable biological odour removal technologies: products and services; - WWTPs optimisation, especially for problematic (seasonal, high load) WWTPs; - Technical consultancy; - Specialised R&D projects.

- Experimental work and technical consultancy for the development of food products - Health and nutritional claims - Market trends and product positioning - Exploitation of alternative raw material sources (e.g. natural vs. synthetic)  - Analytical validation: sensorial, physic-chemical, microbiological analysis - By-products valorisation (e.g. iCOD project)
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Organization Type Company
Project idea

Sea-Food Logic

Looking for partners to expand our current research on novel foods from marine resources.

Keywords: Novel food products
Cooperation Requested
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. Other

Sustainable environmental technologies for odour abatement

Looking for European partners to internationalise our current portfolio of environmental technologies.

Keywords: Sustainable environmental technologies
Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. License agreement
  3. Sales / Distribution