Rui Patricio


Bilateral Meetings

  • 14.00 pm - 17.00 pm
DescriptionDigitalflow provides Innovation and Gamification solutions that drive sustainable change and exceed expectations. Our offer includes facilitation & education (hands on training, 21st century meetings, long-term support innovation Programs) and cutting edge methods and tools (workplace gamification e.g. ideaChef®; innovation and entrepreneurship toolset and public sector procurement innovation).
We address a wide range of challenges, like the following:
• develop new applications; • identify new markets; • select a technology; • prioritize features in upcoming product/service releases; • drive product/service roadmap decisions; • create a new product/service; • co-create services/products with customers; • create more intimate relationships or engage more with customers; • manage idea competitions and hackathons; • improve marketing campaigns; • gain a better understanding of how value can be created; • create strategic plans for organizations or business units; • leverage direct customer feedback for market research; • identify areas for improvement in internal processes; • encourage internal collaboration; • redesign an internal process; • understand teams better; • provide support and strengthen teamwork relationships; • among others.
Our approach follows four fundamental steps: 1 - Screen opportunities and identify the change agents; 2 - Design a project with the right mix of methods, tools and people; 3 - Support the implementation and motivate the adoption; 4 - Communicate and engage people on a continuous basis.
Through its network of alliances, Digitalflow provides complete solutions that drive sustainable change and achievement of results.
Website - www.digitalflow.pt ideaChef® - www.ideachef.eu LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/digitalflow Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Digitalflow.pt/ Twitter – @RuiPatricio9
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ideaChef® (www.ideachef.eu) is a method and a tool (a board game that uses cooking metaphors). It was designed to enable teams to convert high potential ideas into working concepts or prototypes.
The goal is to create solutions ("recipes") that address a particular challenge, need or problem.
ideaChef® is designed for up to 6 players, requiring a minimum of ;It can be played multiple times by the same team playing different ideas, or by multiple teams playing the same idea.
If used consistently it helps to develop entrepreneurial skills and capabilities, reinforce team spirit and shape an innovation supportive culture. It can also be used on the spot to address a critical challenge or emergency.

Keywords: entrepreneurshipinnovation culturecreative problem solvingidea developmenteducation and learning
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