Lúcio Lourenço

PhD Engineer
CiviTest - Pesquisa de Novos Materiais para a Engenharia Civil, Lda.

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DescriptionCiviTest has shown, since its origins, special skills in the field of conception, development, behaviour characterization and quality control of materials of cementitious matrix (FRC) reinforced with fibres. The specialized services we have provided to several national and international companies in the scope of the development and characterization of FRC confirms this.  These skills are the reason why CiviTest has been invited to participate in many investigation projects in collaboration with private Companies and public investigation Institutions. To reach such standards, CiviTest continuously invests in the acquisition of new equipment for its laboratory and in the continuous training of its technical staff. CiviTest technicians have a solid training in FRC, from the conception of the material and behaviour characterization to testing methodologies for quality control in FRC structural outputs. Simultaneously, our technicians are experienced in advanced analysis of structural behaviour simulations, as shown by the services provided that require the use of non-linear analysis software for concrete structures, with special emphasis in the study of techniques for the strengthening of this type of structures. In this specific area, the use of mortars and self-compacting micro-concrete reinforced with fibres, shotcrete also reinforced with fibres and the use of composite materials of polymer matrix have been explored in studies developed in the area of structural strengthening, always supported by experimental tests made in CiviTest’s laboratory, in order to demonstrate the potentialities of the proposed solutions. It is in the area of theoretical skills and knowledge obtained through experimental tests that CiviTest’s innovative potential resides.
Organization Type Company

Consultancy, Research and Development Solutions for the Civil Construction Industry

CiviTest – Research of new materials for Civil Engineering, is a company which works on Researching, Developing and Providing Services for the Civil Construction area. CiviTest facilities include a laboratory where we research and develop new materials of cementitious matrix, new structural systems, as well as research in the field of composite materials for the strengthening of structures.

Keywords: ConcreteFiber ReinforcedFRCFRPLaboratoryStrengthening of Structural Elements
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