Alvaro Figueira


Bilateral Meetings

  • 14.00 pm - 17.00 pm
Organization Type Company
Project idea

Mining, interrelating, sensing and analysing digital data

Data Retrieval: We use bleeding edge technology to retrieve information from the web (news, blogs and social networks). However, we also can also use any digital information you provide us.

Text Mining and Natural Language Processing: Our engines use text mining techniques to find hidden common patterns in posts and natural language processing to identify actions and nouns, at the speed of more than a thousand sentences per second

Entity Detection: Our inference engines are prepared to detect and relate entities such as people, organizations, timespans and locations. Moreover, we can do it almost instantaneously for thousands of sources at the same time.

Event and Topic Detection: As a result of the entity detection mechanism, we can answer questions like "Who? Where? When?", just like a journalist would, but in large scale, with huge amounts of data in widely spread sources

Sentiment Analysis: Our systems have the capacity to undertake sentiment analysis, deriving positive, negative or neutral sentiments from the textual information.

Influencer Detection: find the people in a social network that are hubs for information spreading and public opinion influencers.

Data Visualization: Our results are clearly conveyed through graphics, diagrams, tables, and meters allowing to effectively conveying the aggregated information, and the established relations or the observed patterns.

Exporting information: We provide the information in several well-known formats for download which can be then incorporated into reports and presentations

Keywords: business intelligenceanalyticsbig datadata miningsocial media managementsocial media benchmarkinginformation retrievalsocial network analysis
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