Dulce Varandas

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Clarke, Modet & Cº

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DescriptionClarke, Modet & Cº 
We are  the largest Intellectual Property Practice in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. With a direct presence in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela, we’ve been providing global expertise with deep local knowledge for over 135 years. 

Our expertise

Our experts combine their legal mastery with technical knowledge to address the most complex Intellectual Property issues. 

We have developed an international reputation as the leading expert in Intellectual Property for the Spanish and Portugueses speaking markets. 

We have unrivalled IP expertise in Latin America, pioneers in these markets for over 50 years.  
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Consulting in the field of Intellectual Property (IP) that seeks to provide throughout the life cycle of IP, immediately advising the client in identifying the most suitable kind of protection to the company's business strategy as well as in the later stage of management and operation of its assets IP.

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